Aug 01, 2022
Web design for TRUST
機械製図事業と3Dプロモーション事業を行う会社「TRUST | 有限会社トラスト」のブランドWEBサイトのデザイン及びアートディレクションを実施。

Design and art direction for the brand website of "TRUST INC”.
Technical Director : Tomohiko Orita(Zodiac Corporation)
Jun 11, 2022
Brand design for SAISON PREMIUM Concierge
"Saison Platinum American Express Card"ホルダー向けに提供するコンシェルジュサービス「SAISON PREMIUM Concierge | セゾンプレミアムコンシェルジュ」のブランドロゴマークのデザイン、BI策定、VIツールのデザイン、DMのデザイン及びアートディレクションを実施。
AGENCY / CD : 株式会社ゾディアック / Kentaro Iida

We were in charge of brand logo design, BI formulation, VI tool design, DM design and art direction for SAISON PREMIUM Concierge, a concierge service offered to Saison Platinum American Express Card holders.
AGENCY / CD : Zodiac Corporation / Kentaro Iida
Apr 28, 2022
表参道ヒルズの公式サイトにおける特設ページ「OMOTESANDO HILLS GOLF COLLECTION 2022/SS」のWEBデザイン・KV制作・アートディレクションを担当しました。
AGENCY / CD : 株式会社かくしごと / Takeshi Koh

Web design, KV creation, and art direction for the "OMOTESANDO HILLS GOLF COLLECTION 2022/SS" campaign page on the official Omotesando Hills website.
AGENCY / CD : Kakushigoto Inc. / Takeshi Koh
Apr 23, 2022
Brand renewal for Standby

STANDBY is pleased to announce the full renewal of our website. Along with it, the identity, typeface, brand colors, and tools have been revamped. This renewal was designed to better clarify our intentions and to enhance our project introduction and content. In these crises times, our work is to dare to set high ideals, to get closer, and to increase joy. We will continue to strengthen our partner members and highly sensitive branding in pursuit of further growth in the future.
[ Be a good losers at all times, Bet on the passion of "want to be". And making cultural avalanche. ]
Apr 13, 2022
Web design for PT MAGAZINE
“Saison Platinum American Express Card”会員を対象として発行しているWEBマガジン「PT MAGAZINE」。本メディアを編集・制作する株式会社ゾディアックとともにサイトリニューアルを実施。弊社がWEBデザイン・アートディレクションを担当しました。Awwwardsにて、“Honorable Mention“を受賞。

"PT MAGAZINE" is a web magazine published for "Saison Platinum American Express Card" members. The site renewal was carried out together with Zodiac Corporation, which edits and produces this media. We were in charge of the web design and art direction, and received an "Honorable Mention" at the Awwwards.