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Standby Inc,


Tell us what you’d like to do. We have all stuffs you need. Even it’s possible to birth a new planet.

We are a
 Digital Creative Agency


Standby Inc. is a digital creative agency which leads all clients with the power of idea and technology,and make managing,business,and brand revolutions.Our mission is that Japanese brands provide cool values to all over the world through digital creativity. In order to make it come true,we’re trying to construct branding that’s not really easy,and challenge to problems that haven’t solved so far aggressively,we’re making the highest level creation in human,products,design,and technologies.

 Creative Resources.

Interactive Design

User Experience conception / User Interface creation

Web site / desktop,tablet,smartphone,Application iOS,Android,Windows Phone

Creative Development

Front-end development / Interactive development


Brand Consulting

Corporate Identity conception / Visual Identity creation

Logomark,Business tool,Advertisement,Graphic,Package,Space promotion,Movie

Venture Department

Total commitment to services / Startup leading designs

Strategic innovations,ECommerce,App,Media art,Animation,Digital signage

Business Partner

Creative brains contract / External creative director

Regional activation,Social design,App dev,Storytelling,Concept making